Angelic Wood

Our angelic scrapbooking paper “Christmas Magic” was designed to mix and combine in every possible way in order to create unconventional works. The patterns have similar colour and motive and are a perfect fit for our card paper and envelopes from Galeria Papieru offer. 

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Smell of Christmas

In order to create an esthetic and elegant Christmas card you certainly don’t need lots of material and decorations. Scrapbooking paper Christmas Magic 03 would be a perfect basis for such kind of projects. Add some extras from your kitchen and you will create and ideal Christmas-scented card!

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Christmas Green

Mika card paper in bottle green is a perfect match with scrapbooking paper Christmas Magic 01 together with gold and silver extras. A mixture of cardstock and card paper can be used in creation not only seasonal cards but algo gift boxes and tags.

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Beige and white

Another example of Galeria Papieru products: a combination of Pepper card paper in brown colour with cutted out elements from scrapbooking paper and white Pearl envelope with glued inside pocket decorated with some embellishments.

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A box full of surprise

A box full of presents made from new kind of card paper Pepper cream and brown and scrapbooking paper. Preparation of such card in the form of a box is time consuming but the final effect is worthy of praise.

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