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Trial set for paper work

Creation of cards, decoration, album decor and many other projects from paper can be great fun! If you want to start your adventure with paper work start from some basic products which we gathered in a Trial Paper Set. The set includes 8 elements and will help you to create many works. Kraft card paper and Kraft envelopes willl be a perfect basis for creation of cards.

You can print on Kraft card paper on both laser and ink-jet printers. They can be also a good basis for creation of cards with some cut out fragments of scrapbooking paper which you can put with a glue or a self-adhesive 3D circles. Retro Inspiration sets of paper has neutral colours and various motives on both sides and give you lots of possibility of creation.

Every kind of work needs appropriate finishing. Paper roses in two colours will be a perfect match. If you have different idea - just buy another kind of adornment.